Always on time, if not a little early, very welcoming and friendly and even gave us a 'welcome back' board on our return from Reunion!
-Becca & David - honeymoon - Booked via Shellseekers UK

We had a fantastic honeymoon in Mauritius
-Mr& Mrs Leusink from The Netherlands

You have a fantastic Island, especially "Gorges" and good service, we will come back
-Mr De Fluiter from the Netherlands

Very good service
-Mr Leitgeb from Germany

Our trip exceeded our expectation, friendly people.
-Mrs Schmalz from Germany

We had a very good time
-Meijer family from Germany

Very good service
-Mr Schnidt from Germany

Yes, I like Mauritius and the people in this country and I like SEGA Tours.
-Mrs Malakyan from Russia

Everything was perfect and very good services, we will come back
-Mrs Gogacheva from Russia

Perfect services
Mr Alexander from Russia

We really liked it
-Family Ypma from The Netherlands

We enjoyed Mauritius and personalized Greeting at Airport was very well organized although your company had many arrivals on the same flight.
-Family Retter from Russia

Very Nice and professional
-Family Bernikov from Russia

Service was very good. Thanks very much
-Family Shafiro from Russia

Good service and our trip was great in Mauritius
-Mr Mazhanzi from South Africa

Well done Keep it up
-Group Tour Leader

Loved it
-Mrs Alina from Russia

Best friendly driver we ever had
-Family Wester from UK